A Prawny Problem - Getting A Fair Share For The Orang Asal Of Kudat

Tuesday 7 July, 2015

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On today’s show, we get reaction on some of the trending news stories from the past week. YB Oscar Ling talks about 1MDB, urging political leaders to set an example by starting an investigation. Then, Inik Chahung of Seratok condemns the violence shown by UMNO youth this weekend and urges Dayak in Johor Baru not to rise to the bait.

We follow up on our tales of Tuai Rumahs with Senabong from Sungei Sekendu, Simunjan. This time the NCR land has been sold to our old friends from United Teamtrade. Now the Tuai Rumah has died and the villagers are at a loss how to reclaim their land.

Penans speak out in outrage over Jabu’s ‘janji kerbau’ – the promise of buffaloes for good grades.

And a story from our neighbours in Sabah. Mastupang tells us of his continuing struggle to ensure a fair share of the development for the Orang Asal whose land is being turned into the largest prawn farm in Malaysia!

Tune in to this and more, plus our daily Borneo bulletin…..Semoa kitai tauk bejako!

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