"Sjotveit should be out", say Sarawakians

Wednesday 15 July, 2015

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On today’s show, we check in with Peter Kallang of SAVE Rivers as calls for SEB Chief Torstein Sjotveit’s removal get louder after he rubbishes a serious piece of research from a top-rate university without any consideration.

Know your rights! Jaku perangsang from Inik Andan.

The people of Long Pilah in Baram have been victims of illegal logging on their land at the hands of Pegasus Cembaka Sdn Bhd. They complained, SFC visited, yet nothing has been done. Hear the story from Ajang Jok.

Lani from Sungei Sebatang shares the story of 80 families told by Bintulu Development Authority to set up their homes on empty land. Now that land is to be taken for industrial purposes. They ask: ‘How is it that animals are given a reserve to live in, when humans are evicted?’

Listen to the commentary from Christina Suntai. Every year, Barisan Nasional’s Administration blames the hot weather and water shortage in Sarawak on El Nino but we know too well, deforestation and the loss of Sarawak’s rainforests is the main factor.

Finally, we get some Sarawak response to the Low Yat plaza incident. Yusuf from Kuching lays the blame on UMNO policies, though he says Sarawak Malays have not succumbed to the same propaganda.

Tune in for all this and more, plus our daily Borneo Bulletin. Enjoy. Semoa kita tauk bejako!

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