Najib turns his back on ID-less Sarawakians

Thursday 21 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:04 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Would a prime minister for all Malaysians avoid the unfortunate Sarawakians without ID cards who were waiting for him at the Miri airport yesterday? So much for being ‘caring’, … Continue reading

Are you ready for change, BN?

Wednesday 20 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:03 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS The prime minister starts what’s likely to be his last Sarawak tour before polls are called. As he flies his way to various cities via a chopper (no roughing … Continue reading

Winners and losers

Thursday 14 February Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:07 — 110.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS On today’s programme we lead with a major protest in Miri. The Orang Ulu came to town today to demonstrate against the state’s failure to provide numerous rural people … Continue reading

Address extremism at home first

Thursday 24 January Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:06 — 110.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS While Malaysians fumed over the irresponsible act of BN-backed Ibrahim Ali, the Prime Minister is busy poking his nose into the long-standing Middle East conflict between Israel and the … Continue reading


Monday 24 September Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:07 — 110.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Najib says ‘Jangan Layan’ to Taib’s wealth exposure as the richest man in Malaysia. Are all Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) cases treated the same way? Alan Ling’s exclusive … Continue reading

Sunday Show

Sunday 23 September Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:58:43 — 108.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Welcome to our Sunday show with the opening sermon by Pastor Greman. PM Najib’s response to the groundbreaking BMF report on Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s ill-gotten wealth was ”Do … Continue reading

Desperate Umno

Tuesday 18 September Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:05 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Here we go again! Fearful of losing power, Prime Minister Najib Razak has inevitably pulled out the divisive and provocative racial and religious card to try and frighten people … Continue reading

No Dengue Fever

Monday 4 June Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:03 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS People first or BN first?  When a serious epidemic viral disease claimed the life of a boy and infected many others in Lawas, BN leaders instructed to keep it … Continue reading

Friends of RFS

Tuesday 15 May Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:10 — 110.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS On our show today, more on land issues to clear the air for the benefits of landowners in Sarawak. Hear from our presenter Christina Suntai and a former Land … Continue reading

Land is Life

Saturday 5 May Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:03 — 109.9MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Land cultivation could have improved natives’ lives, but by grabbing lands and deceiving landowners into losing their land rights? You might as well take their lives!  Listen to more … Continue reading

Prepare to Vote

Friday 30 March Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:15 — 110.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS On our show today, more on major considerations before voting and the first necessary precaution –  check your voter status! We highlight the issue of missing voters’ names and … Continue reading

Thursday 17/11/11

Thursday 17 November Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:02:21 — 112.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Communities in the vast area of Julau are bracing themselves for massive land grabs as Sime Darby has already indicated interests to enter into similar Pelita-led joint venture oil … Continue reading

Monday 14/11/11

Monday 14 November Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:01:42 — 111.4MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS The Dayak Consultative Council in Miri on Saturday attracted both ruling and Opposition politicians. Dr John Brian tells RFS the key demands of the Council of which land tenure … Continue reading

Monday 7/11/11

Monday 7 November Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:00:53 — 110.7MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Outraged by a private company that refused to honour a court injunction to stop its encroachment, two Bidayuh communities in Sematan, near Kuching, filed a contempt of court proceedings … Continue reading

Friday 21/10/11

Friday 21 October Podcast: Download (Duration: 2:01:17 — 111.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS RFS speaks to a villager of Siru Dayak in Sematan on yet another encroachment of NCR land by a private company armed with a mixed-zone land title. Year after … Continue reading

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