NCR victory and NCR struggle in Miri!

Monday 26 January, 2015

NCR case won

On today’s show we speak to headman Pee Milo Anak Datu regarding his community’s Native Customary Rights (NCR) case against Pelita Plantation. According to Pee Milo, Pelita Plantation have decided to withdraw their suit against the indigenous community, therefore having the case struck out by the Miri High Court.

And we catch up with Andrew from Bekelit on an update from the native battle against Tung Huat Plantation. According to Andrew, the company have once again entered the Iban community’s ancestral lands, but this time they brought with them the volunteer police unit and gangsters to intimidate the locals. Andrew says the volunteer police units are using PDRM’s logo on their vehicle and were carrying firearms.

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