Hulu Rajang MP urges Government to stop Radio Free Sarawak from broadcasting

Friday 27 March, 2015


On today’s show, RFS brings you a clip from the 13th parliamentary meeting which was held recently. Hulu Rajang MP, Wilson Ugak Kumbong has urged the Ministry of Multimedia & Communication and the Government to detect and stop RFS from airing shows that he believed are poisoning the minds of rural communities in Sarawak. We askĀ if there are not other issues that the MP should be interested in raising in Parliament? Tune in for Christina Suntai’s views.

And we speak to Headman Jambai who’s house was recently attacked by Molotov explosives. Jambai believes the incident is related to his native battleĀ against Tung Huat Pelita Niah Plantation. Jambai has lodged a police report and will bring the case to court for further action.

And tune in to hear from Atama Katama, a rapper from Sabah who shares his experiences including attending sessions at the United Nations to help fight for the rights of indigenous peoples in the country.

Enjoy the show!