Selangor Chief Minister visits Sarawak

Wednesday 4 March, 2015


PKR Sarawak Chairman Baru Bian talks to Radio Free Sarawak about the recent visit by the Chief Minister of Selangor, Mohamed Azmin Ali. Baru says that Azmin paid a visit to PKR Committee members, the Anglican Archbishop and Sarawak’s Chief Minister Adenan Satem. Baru says that Azmin requested the Sarawak government to review the ban imposed on several members of the opposition party’s senior leaders from entering the state.

Baram Protection Action Committee (BPAC) representative Philip Jau along with the people of Baram have submitted a petition against the construction of the Baram Dam to the office of the Chief Minister of Sarawak. We hear more from Philip and the struggles the people are facing.

And tune in for Christina Suntai’s commentary on why PKR are not merely fighting for the rights of West Malaysians.

Enjoy the show!