Muhyiddin Yassin calls for 1MDB board to be sacked!

Friday 22 May, 2015

muhyddin yassin 1mdb

On today’s show we bring you a clip of the speech made by Deputy UMNO President Muhyiddin Yassin that went viral on the internet yesterday. Muhyiddn has called for all 1MDB board members to be sacked for the scandal surrounding the debt-ridden fund. Tune in for more!

And now that the Goods & Service Tax (GST) is being implemented, how is it affecting rural communities?  We speak to Engan from Long Naah who comments on how the tax is burdening his rural area. Engan disagrees with Dennis Ngau’s statement that the Orang Ulu have not complained about the tax and says that his community are feeling the pressure. Engan says the government is giving out BR1M aid but on the other hand charging them more than that in GST.

And we speak to political scientist Dr Faisal Haziz on the newly established NGO in the state – Rise of Sarawak Efforts (ROSE). Dr Faisal explains that the NGO has been set up to encourage urban communities to switch from “kliktivism” and to get involved in grassroots campaigning. ROSE call on the rakyat to take action by demanding for free and fair elections, exposing corruption, reporting abuses of power and rejecting racism and extremism.

Finally, tune in for Christina Suntai’s commentary on how Chief Minister Adenan Satem’s promises of reform have rung hollow now that the go ahead has been given for the Baram dam.

Enjoy the show!