MPOB latest ruling “killing” smallholders

Friday 31 October, 2014 / Leave a comment

Oil palm smallholder Indai Arun from Saratok was shocked when told that the Malaysian Palm Oil Board would no longer buy more than 4 tonnes per month of her fruit bunches.

A frustrated Indai Arun moaned that with the prices of goods spiraling up the MPOB was just “killing” the native smallholders.

“MPOB said they will only buy 4ton a month from 2 acres land. What kind of rule is this? They are killing us. What should we do with this oil palm fruit? We cannot eat them..we will just dump them at MPOB,” she said.

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Peter Kallang very pleased with the launch of the book “Money Logging” in KL today. The contents of the 300 page report reveals that rampant logging activities by companies in Sarawak Taib’s cronies.

NGO Save Rivers Network wants the courts to increase the penalty and fines against errant loggers. Citing the RM10k fine by the Miri court against MM Golden recently,SaveRivers chairman Peter Kalang said it was “pittance”.

“It won’t stop the company from continuing to log in NCR land in Baram especially with the police favoring them. The court should have revoked the license,” he said.

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