It's the final countdown!

Saturday 7 May, 2016

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On our last show of the current season, we report to you from on the ground as the election unfolds. From Tamin, from Layar, from Krian, from Dijeh and elsewhere, we hear from listeners who have cast their votes and cast their eyes around the voting process. They tell us how money has changed hands, promises made and pressure placed and we can only now wait for the result. All indications point to a particularly low turnout – so far not a resounding mandate for any party joining the fray.

The team at Radio Free Sarawak are now taking a break though we will be back in the future when we are needed again. So, we bring back a few old voices, including our Pastor from the past for a final sermon. From all the team, it has been an honour and a pleasure to be involved in this show. Thank you to all our listeners and see you all soon!

Tune in for all this and more, plus our Borneo Bulletin.

Semoa kitai tau bejako!

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