BBC bulldozers back for more!

Friday 31 July, 2015


On todays show, Raymond Dundang from Rumah Madel Sungai Sepadok gives us the latest developments in their decade-long struggle against BBC Plantation Sdn Bhd. The company bulldozed their land back in 2003 and they have been pending a court case ever since. But now they are back for more! The bulldozers loom over another 90 hectares but the villagers are standing in their way!

Thomas Jalong invites everyone to take part in World Indigenous People’s day. There will be plenty of activities for all at DBNA starting from 5 August.

Christina Suntai gives us her view of the drama in the capital. According to Sarawak Report, the reason why Abdul Ghani Patail was dramatically fired as the Attorney General, was because he was on the brink of bringing charges for corruption against the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Corruption affects everyone, including folks who faithfully voted for Barisan Nasional, at every election.

We talk to Jannie Lasimbang about Bersih’s upcoming rally against Najib. Will he even listen to voice of the people?

Boniface Willy Tumek of PKR wonders why there is never enough water in spite of the endless delivery of ‘tangki biru’. For 25 villages around Bau, there is only one other choice – the water from the Bengoh reservoir but no one wants to drink that dirty water yet.

The Forest Department recently announced that culling crocodiles can be done if there is a threat to life. Engkamat Lading from the Biodiversity Conservation department tells us of the reality of living with these ancient creatures.

Tune in for all this and our Borneo Bulletin. Semoa kita tau bejako!

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